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Destination weddings are so popular these days they’re even making movies about them! In 2017, Hallmark aired their Channel Original movie, “Destination Wedding”, and Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder are starring in a completely separate film, carrying the same title, which looks to be released in movie theatres in 2018.

So, what's making destination weddings so ‘on trend’ right now? This blog takes a look at some of the general reasons for couples opting for this type of wedding.

Whether it’s held just a few hours outside of their home town, or requires all their guests to hop on a plane, boat or train to travel internationally, a destination wedding is generally an exciting adventure for everyone involved.  Apart from the sheer fun factor, couples choose to have a destination-style wedding for a number of reasons, including:

+ Finding their dream location

They may have always dreamed of getting married at a luxury hotel, by the beach, under the trees at sunset, or on the top of a tall mountain, but the perfect venue might not exist close to home, which means couples have to be willing to travel as far as necessary to exchange wedding vows at their ideal location. 

Planning a destination wedding

+ Trying to avoid ‘same-old, same-old’

Brides-to-be who've attended numerous weddings at the same local city halls, churches, or wedding venues in their area can be forgiven for wanting a more unique location for their own special day. After all, no one wants almost identical wedding photographs to the ones in their friends’ wedding albums! The further afield they venture to find their wedding venue, the more distinctive the theme and style of their wedding day can be. 

beach wedding venue 

+ Finding an available wedding venue

Maybe the bride or groom has had their eye on a venue that’s, unfortunately, fully booked for the couple's available wedding dates? A destination wedding mindset will open up their wedding venue options. They could even discover a cheaper venue option, at a better location, because of a willingness to explore different opportunities.


Wedding shoot outdoors

+ Leveling the playing field

Some couples need to find neutral ‘territory’ for their weddings; this is especially true if the bride and groom are from different parts of the country (or from different countries entirely) and want to meet at a location that requires guests to travel equal distances to attend the wedding.

Wedding in ireland

+ Combining the wedding and honeymoon

This is one major perk of a destination wedding: the happy couple don’t have to travel far for their honeymoon and guests can linger longer to enjoy the surrounds. Many wedding venues have accommodation deals included in their wedding package options, which makes overnighting at the venue a cost-effective choice. 

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