Newgrange Hotel is part of the Cusack Hotel Group, and as our guest, you are free to enjoy services offered by our partnering hotels. If you would like to enjoy a swim, you can travel to Knightsbrook Hotel, also part of the Cusack Hotel Group, which is approximately ten minutes away from us. It sports a fantastic 17 meter deck-level indoor pool that is perfect for relaxing in or exercising.

While you are there, you may also want to indulge in a lovely spa treatment, as the hotel boasts a spectacular, award winning spa. If you enjoy working out before you take a dive, the Health Club gymnasium should be your first stop. Also located within the Knightsbrook Hotel, the gymnasium is equipped with state of the art equipment, all of which is at your disposal.

The Cusack Hotel Group offers its guests numerous leisure facilities to keep them entertained and relaxed while staying in any one of our hotels. Whether you would like to take a swim, play some golf, burn off some calories or revitalize your body with a spa treatment, there’s something for you to enjoy. All our facilities are state of the art and cater for most of your leisurely needs.

Staying at Newgrange Hotel affords you most of these facilities, including Knightsbrook Hotel’s swimming pool. Feel free to contact us to inquire about other fabulous services we offer or to book hotel ireland. When asking the question – what hotel in Ireland has good swimming pools – contact Newgrange Hotel and find out more.