An Irish themed wedding menu is a traditional yet contemporary choice for many couples. The meals included are unique, and can be outstanding if prepared correctly. From stews that encourage a good old family feast to delicious desserts that please the guests’ sweet tooth, the Celts definitely have a keen sense of taste.

Begin on a High Note

The starter sets the scene for the rest of the course. It’s recommended that the principal of ‘less-is-more’ be followed. A hearty way to begin is with Irish soda bread, grilled mushrooms, gubbeen streaky bacon and garden rocket - this is sure to entice your guests’ appetites. Alternatively, something lighter like nettle or cucumber soup also works well, and can be served as a hot or cold option. Another brilliant addition to the selection of starters is Colcannon, this is a delicious retro dish made up of mash and kale or cabbage.

The Main Feast

Gaelic traditions are very much about the whole family and having a good time with loved ones. This can be said for the sharing of meals especially, and nothing says Celtic cuisine quite like a large pot of lamb stew and goat cheese dumplings on the side.

If the above doesn’t sound like a feast that’ll hit the spot with your guests, why not go for something more modern? A delicious steak paired with a full-bodied whiskey is always a popular alternative. However, if the idea of alcohol worries you, non-alcoholic champagne or even a cup of strong coffee will complement this meal too.

Seafood is another recommended option for a wholesome and delicious dish. A hot, classic chowder adds a pleasantly different dynamic to your main course, while a bowl with Irish cider and mussels will tickle the fancy of any fish lovers in your wedding party.

Devilish Delight

The ideal way to end a feast is with an Irish Cream Dream. A pleasant mix of ginger, coffee and a splash of whiskey makes this dessert a firm favourite. It can even be infused with any flavour you wish, for example chocolate or vanilla. Alternatively, a pistachio pastry is a pleasant choice and can even be incorporated into the wedding cake. Another mouth-watering option is an apple crumble served with cream and cinnamon.

The diverse nature of an Irish meal means that there is usually something for everyone. Choosing the right mix for the menu is the trick. A good selection, keeping your guests in mind, will create a ceremonious atmosphere for the special day.

At Newgrange, we have world-class chefs who are able to cater for a wide range of people. Our professionals are adept at creating menus to suit the entire party’s unique tastes. We also specialise in wonderful wedding cakes and comfortable accommodation for the whole guest list.

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