Whether it’s culture, food or traditions, there’s no denying that holidays are about submersing and experiencing life from another perspective.

The Solstice Arts Centre offers insight and opportunities into the world of performance, community and self-expression in Ireland. From pieces inspired by world-famous actors, to classes for small children, this central hub boasts the well-kept secret of Irish creativity.

Exciting Activities

Situated in the beautiful town of Navan, Meath, this centre provides adult and children learning, a gallery, vibrant theatre and an entertainment facility all in one. Offering award-winning performances and extra-curricular activities alike, they have commissioned and co-produced many acts locally and internationally, making a name for themselves in the arts world.
Adults can enjoy classes ranging from over 50’s dance classes, to poetry driven drawing and painting workshops. Alternatively, little ones can have their holiday needs met with an array of one day activities and exciting summer camps in several disciplines, such as:

  • Ballet
  • Song school
  • LEGO Brick Flicks

Most importantly, the centre also hosts family-friendly free events during the school holiday season, ranging from movie screenings to activity-filled fun days.
Professional Spaces
Corporates, artists and other creative disciplines will be pleased to know that the Solstice Arts Centre is also available to hire. Built in 2006, the award-winning architecture has become a collective hub for performances, workshops, rehearsals and other meetings. There’s four spaces available to hire, namely:

  • Theatre – Seating approximately 320 people, this professional space boasts advanced lighting and audio technology, along with its own Kawai RX-7 grand piano. Additionally, many internationally acclaimed actors have shared the same stage.
  • Foyer – Ideal for children related workshops and gatherings, this area is also the ticket booth and pre-performance audience waiting space, fully equipped with a bar, gift shop and free WiFi for concert goers.
  • Studio – Suitable for artist meet and greets, and formal corporate gatherings or workshops, this room offers a clean and professional setting and can be transformed to suit your requirements.
  • Gallery – It’s very own blank canvas, the gallery is three inter-connected rooms that boasts an abundance of natural light. With an intricate lighting system, internet ports and audio capabilities in each area, it supports a diverse range of arts.

Feels like Home

Whether you’re going to watch a play or brining your child to a workshop, be sure to choose accommodation nearby. Newgrange Hotel in Navan Meath, is situated within walking distance of the centre. This branch of the Cusack Group not only boasts world-class facilities, but is also considered the epitome of warm Irish hospitality.
Book your stay at Newgrange Hotel when visiting the Solstice Arts Centre.