Our top 5 things to do for Valentines in Meath this year!

cover photo valentines

Are you always worried about what you should be doing for Valentines? Are you afraid that you might not always be getting it right or do you really want to impress this year? These are our 5 things to do for Valentines in Co Meath this year.

couple having dinner

  1. Go for dinner

Number one is fairly obvious. Everyone likes to be taken out for dinner at Valentines. Whether you decide to go out on the 14th or the following Saturday night, its always a nice treat. Make sure to dress up, compliment your date and don’t invite your friends! This is a romantic night and should be treated as such. The Newgrange Hotel have a fantastic offer for the night of the 14th, 15th, 16th and 17th of February for a romantic dinner for 2 with a glass of prosecco each for €60 per couple. Call them on 046 9074100 or email info@newgrangehotel.ie to book now.

night away in a hotel

2.Treat your better half to a night away.

This is a very obvious option too but worth it if you surprise that special person in your life! Organise a lovely night away for two with a romantic dinner and they will love you forever. Tell them that morning that you are taking them on a mystery tour and make it even more special. Check out as many deals as you can before you book. The Newgrange hotel have a lovely offer for Valentines for €65 per person sharing for one night’s bed and breakfast and a romantic evening meal for 2. Check the offer out here.

romantic walk

3.Go for a romantic walk

It may be cold out there but this is the perfect way to celebrate Valentines, especially if you are a relatively new couple. If you are based in the Boyne Valley there are lovely walks that you can take around our heritage sites, through our towns and villages and you could always make sure to end the walk at your favourite pub. Check out Discover Boyne Valleys recommended walks here.

getting flowers

4.Send flowers

A bunch of flowers or a box of chocolates can go a very long way- especially if they are not expected and especially if you are in a new relationship. It doesn’t matter if you are a guy or a girl- receiving a gift from your other half will always put a smile on your face!



This may be at the other end of the spectrum and its not to be entered into lightly- but if its been a few years and you can’t think of a reason why you shouldn’t…. then do it! Check out our list of fantastic wedding packages in the Newgrange Hotel while you are at it! Click here for more information.