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We hope all of our customers and guests are safe and well during this health crisis. Its very strange not having our hotel busy with families arriving for their Easter breaks, couples enjoying themselves in the bar and of course our regular carvery visitors that we look forward to welcoming every single day. Hopefully we will see you all again soon.

Easter is a time for the entire family to gather around the table to enjoy a family lunch. With that in mind, our Head Chef- Eddie O’Neill, has given us his top tips for the perfect Easter Lunch this year.

Eddie is a big advocate for local food and low food miles. “Buy your meat for your Easter Sunday Lunch off the local butcher. I would highly recommend going in or ringing up to order your meat in advance. Butchers are going to be really busy over the next few days. Remember you are not only supporting your local butchers, but your local farmers too.”

leg f lamb

What meat should we be buying for our Easter lunch I hear you say- this is Eddie’s advice. “Spring Lamb would always be my first choice for Easter. Whether its leg of lamb, shoulder or rack of lamb- this meat is very popular at Easter for a number of reasons. For Christians, the lamb is more a representation of Jesus sacrificing himself and dying on the cross – Jesus being “the lamb of God”. For me- it’s because lamb is really tasty and in season at this time of year. Cook Lamb at 200 degrees for 1 hour and 15 mins if you want it pink or 1 hour and 30 mins if you like it more well done. Be sure to let the meat rest for at least 15 minutes before carving.”

That’s the meat sorted- what are the best Vegetables to serve on Easter Sunday? Eddie has lots of options here too- “Veg in season at the moment are asparagus, carrots, broccoli, sweet hart cabbage and new potatoes.” Check out the Boyne Valley Flavours page to see where all of our local veg and potato producers are in Co Meath and Louth.

If you have room for dessert- pick up some Rhubarb for a nice rhubarb crumble to finish off your perfect Easter Lunch in lockdown.

We are all missing Eddie’s cooking and we hope that we will be back in the hotel sooner rather than later to eat our fill!

thumbnail_image-16.jpg (Eddie and Staff)

Remember- even though the hotel is closed, you can still buy vouchers online to give to that special someone as a treat to look forward to. Just click here. Stay safe everyone and happy Easter.