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What are the Local Tourist Attractions in Meath?

Meath boasts a wide variety of local tourist attractions that make it one of the most popular destinations in Ireland. It’s known as The Royal County because of its rich historical ties to the high kings of Ireland - legendary figures that ruled the country in medieval times. The Hill of Tara is a significant location when it comes to these tales, as the ancient site boasts monuments that are said to form part of the sacral site where the kings of old performed sacred rituals. Once the political and spiritual capital of Ireland, The Hill of Tara has played a significant role throughout history and once, in 1843, drew a crowd of more than 700 000 people practising a peaceful political demonstration. Its popularity and intrigue endures, and in 2009 it was named as one of 15 must-see endangered cultural treasures around the world.

Anyone interested in the architecture and history of castles will find a wealth of things to see and do in and around Meath, with Trim Castle and Dunsany Castle being two of the biggest tourist attractions around. Slane Castle is a private venue that’s been home to a family since the 18th century and boasts sprawling grounds on which many successful music festivals and entertainers have been hosted.

You’ll find religious ruins at various locations in Meath, and all are easy to find on any local map of the land.

Perhaps one of the most famous Meath attractions is the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Brú na Bóinne – a significant prehistoric megalithic site. It consists of a complex structure of tombs, stones and henges which date back as early as the 35th century BC. The area has been studied extensively from a historical and astronomical point of view and guided tours provide refreshing insight into the alluring mysteries that surround it.

Anyone less interested in history and more in culture will be pleased to note that Meath is also home to a wide variety of restaurants, luxury hotels, pubs and cultural hot spots that brim with Irish hospitality and charm. Local art and music festivals are commonplace in The Royal County, while family entertainment and leisure activities are equally abundant.