Taking the time off to relax in any of Newgrange Hotel’s rooms is something anyone should do while in Meath. We cater for everyone, including smokers who enjoy having a cigarette or cigar whenever they want. If you are a smoker, then we have accommodation that is designed just for you. You get all the creature comforts that our non-smoking rooms have, with the added benefit of being able to smoke indoors.

With smoking regulations getting tighter by the day, it’s hard to enjoy a cigarette or cigar in peace. Some hotels insist that you smoke outside in the blistering cold or be confined to a tiny space reserved for smokers indoors. At Newgrange, we understand and respect your right to smoke and make sure that every room that is set for smokers is as comfortable as possible, ensuring that your stay with us is memorable.

Once you arrive, you will be directed to one of our luxurious rooms reserved for smokers that includes amenities such as a direct dial telephone and a broadband laptop connection for those who would like to stay in touch and up to date with anything.

Enjoy the little things life has to offer along with all the services Newgrange Hotel provides. Your stay with us is sure to be one that you will remember and tell your friends and family about. When asking the question, what hotel in Meath has smoking rooms, contact us and find out more about how we can make your stay a memorable experience.