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Newgrange News

Summer at Newgrange Hotel in Meath

Using Digital Media Tools to Amplify Your Modern Wedding

The Newgrange Hotel offers exclusinve tips on how to amplify your big day by using digital media and technology to enhance your wedding day.

Family Holidays in the County of Meath

The Newgrange Hotel offers fun things to do in Meath on this Family Holiday.

Family Holiday Trips to Irish Theme Parks

There are a host of things to do within Navan and around the Newgrange Hotel. From rafting down the River Boyne, to tours of the historic Trim Castle.


Wedding Righ Style Guide

The Newgrange Hotel takes you thorugh different wedding rings and the meaning behind them.

Meaningful Gifts Between Husband and Wife

Personalizing your wedding gift to the person you know best should not be difficutl, if it is, the Knightsbrook Hotel offers some tips for choosing the best gift for your bride or groom.

Meath Ladies Night Award Ceremony 

The Newgrange Hotel was the proud hosts of the 5th annual Meath Ladies Awards Evening. 


Meath Business & Tourism Awards

The Newgrange Hotel is delighted to be again the host venue for the Meath Business & Tourism Awards 2015, see our sponsor profile by clicking here

Meath Business & Tourism Awards Launch


The Boyne Valley Golf Classic August - September 2015

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Cusack Hotel & Meath Chronicle Sports Person Of The Year 2014

Devin Toner Wins Meath Sportsperson of the Year 2014 in The Knightsbrook Hotel, for highlights of the event
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Meath Business & Tourism Awards

A fantastic Awards Night took place in The Newgrange Hotel on Friday 28th of November and Cusack Hotels were delighted to be presented with an Award for Customer Service & Welcome a highlight of the night can be seen here - Page 1   Page 2

Meath Business Awards Finalists

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3 Reasons You Should Choose a Bridal Suite

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Meath Business Awards Launch

Funtasia Waterpark

Local Irish Dishes Every Visitor Should Try

What to look for in an Irish Hotel

Choosing a Large or Intimate Wedding

Tips for Finding the Ideal Debutate Venue

Spirit Folk Festival 2014

What Brides Forget to Do

Top 3 Adventures Centres in Meath

Tips for Hosting a Productive Conference

How to Choose the Ideal Wedding Venue

Hotels Make Ideal Wedding Venues

Explore the Heritage Sites of Meath

Events and Promotions at the Newgrange Hotel


IHF- Hotels report problems recruiting entry-level staff

Weddings Online

The Newgrange Hotel is delighted to be a featured hotel on  We look forward to having a successful 2014 with Weddings Online.

Boyne Valley Drive

A joint venture between Failte Ireland and the Irish government has led to the highly anticipated launch of the Boyne driving route – literally driving tourism through Ireland’s most popular areas. 

Have the perfect team building event at Tayto Park

A team building getaway is the perfect way to motivate your employees and instill a sense of camaraderie. 

Family Fun at Tayto Park

If you’re looking for great family activities in Ireland, you’ll find all you’re looking for at Tayto Park in Ashbourne, County Meath. With everything this famed amusement park has to offer, you and your family will be able to enjoy an unforgettable day out together.

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What is the Weather Like in Ireland?

Weather in Ireland is like no other region on a similar altitude, as it doesn't experience extreme weather patterns.

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Ireland Experiences Highest Tourism Turnout in Five Years

Tourists are expected to flood Ireland in astronomical figures which will stimulate our tourism industry. 

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Ireland and China Build a Stronger Tourism Relationship

Irish tourism bodies - including destination management companies (DMCs), hotels, golf operators and hotels - recently made a trip to China to discuss a tourism trade partnership. Tourism in Ireland has recently experienced a spike in tourist arrivals from this Asian country and this has set the grounds for the largest trade mission to ever go to China. 

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Ireland to have Approximately 1700 Events Next Year

Yes, you’ve heard right, 1700 events in Ireland are set to take place over the course of 2013, as people converge in the country to celebrate all things Irish. Events like these result from the efforts of an initiative called The Gathering, which involves numerous parties that are setting up cultural events all over the country. 

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International Tourism Partnerships: A Sure Way to Stimulate Growth

Partnerships, at any level, are a necessity to the growth and endurance of the tourism industry on a global and national scale. There are many stakeholders involved in the industry including environmentalists, tourism boards and accommodation establishments. 

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A Bid to Host Giro d’Italia in Ireland

The 2014 Giro d’Italia, popularly known as the Pink Race, could possibly be hosted in Ireland in 18 months’ time. According to numerous press reports, including one from the Belfast Telegraph, plans by both the Northern Ireland Tourist Board (NITB) and Failte Ireland are on the way to make a €4.7 million bid which will hopefully see the second biggest cycling championship come to Ireland’s shores. 

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What hotel has shopping and tourist facilities?

The Newgrange Hotel has much to offer any guest staying with us while visiting Meath. We are located near all major shopping and tourist facilities in Navan. Whether you are shopping for presents or want to visit a museum or monument, everything is accessible when you choose to stay at the Newgrange Hotel. Most places of interest are in walking distance.

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Points of Pride Walking Tour

If you are in Navan, Meath, this November you can look forward to plenty of things to get up to. You can take part in the Navan Points of Pride walking tour – a 4km walk that will see you experience Navan’s historical heritage in all its splendour. 

Where is the nearest bank or currency exchange in Meath?

There are several banks within Meath that are close to Newgrange Hotel. You will find that most of them are within driving or walking distance, like the National Irish Bank, for instance, which is approximately 600 metres away.

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What hotel in Ireland has good swimming pools?

Newgrange Hotel is part of the Cusack Hotel Group, and as our guest, you are free to enjoy services offered by our partnering hotels. If you would like to enjoy a swim, you can travel to Knightsbrook Hotel, also part of the Cusack Hotel Group, which is approximately ten minutes away from us.

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How far is the nearest hospital to major hotels in Meath?

Newgrange Hotel is situated close to most major services, including emergency services. You need not worry about having to travel far to seek medical attention, as there are response units in and around the county and world class facilities designed to provide treatment for numerous types of conditions and injuries.

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What hotel offers discounts for group bookings?

At Newgrange Hotel, we offer quality services and accommodation to anyone looking to enjoy all that Ireland has to offer. When making a booking for up to ten or more rooms, you save, as we offer a discount in such instances.

What hotel has baby cots for the rooms?

At Newgrange Hotel, we make every single effort to make your stay with us as pleasurable as possible. If you require a baby cot for your child to sleep in, we can make the necessary arrangements to ensure that one is there when you arrive.

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Can baggage be stored at the hotel whilst I travel to another location in Ireland?

If you are travelling to other parts of Ireland whilst staying in any Newgrange Hotel room and would like to temporarily offload some of your luggage, you can leave it with us. We will take care of your baggage while you enjoy the rest of Ireland.

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What hotel in Meath has smoking rooms?

Taking the time off to relax in any of Newgrange Hotel’s rooms is something anyone should do while in Meath. We cater for everyone, including smokers who enjoy having a cigarette or cigar whenever they want. If you are a smoker, then we have accommodation that is designed just for you.

What Irish hotel is Close to Theatres/Entertainment Venues?

Whilst staying in the Newgrange hotel, you have access to a number of entertainment venues in and around Meath. What’s more, we have a nightclub right in the hotel for those who would like to mix and mingle, share a couple of drinks and celebrate life. The Solar Nightclub is one of Meath’s most popular nightclubs, bringing people from far and wide together for nights of endless revelry.

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Where is there a Good Luxury Hotel in Ireland?

Meath boasts a wide variety of local tourist attractions that make it one of the most popular destinations in Ireland. It’s known as The Royal County because of its rich historical ties to the high kings of Ireland - legendary figures that ruled the country in medieval times.

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What are the Local Tourist Attractions in Meath?

Meath boasts a wide variety of local tourist attractions that make it one of the most popular destinations in Ireland. It’s known as The Royal County because of its rich historical ties to the high kings of Ireland - legendary figures that ruled the country in medieval times.

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What Hotel in Ireland is in a Central Location?

Offering the ideal blend of country elegance and city convenience, the Newgrange Hotel is centrally located in Navan, less than 35 minutes away from Dublin. It is the ideal spot from which to experience tranquil country hospitality, without travelling too far from the bustling city centre.

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O'Carolan Festival

There are many things to do in Meath as well as a lively atmosphere to enjoy them in. The Irish residents of Meath take great pride in their cultural heritage and no where is this more apparent than at the festivals and events that take place around the county.

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Swimming Champ

Meath isn't only about the historical sites and luxury hotel accommodation, there's also a powerful community spirit and we celebrate the achievements of our locals as a community. The elated reception for Eleanor Murray of Scoil Mhuire on Monday 11th of October was proof of this.

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Navan On Ice

Although there are lots of things to do in Meath, Navan on Ice will be something completely new and unique for both residents and locals to enjoy. This spectacular event sees Navan enjoy its first ever ice-rink which will provide family fun for the upcoming festive season.

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Ocean Colour Scene Duo Announced For Navan

Zoe Rahman is set to take the town of Navan by storm this coming February when she visits the Solstice Arts Centre with her production ‘Zoe Rahman Trio, with special guest Idris Rahman’. Zoe is feted as one of the bright shining stars of the modern jazz scene and her highly successful ‘Live’ album only served to further impress the point among her fans.

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Things To Do in Meath this February

Ocean Colour Scene Duo has been announced for the Newgrange Hotel in Navan! Simon Fowler and Oscar Harrison of Ocean Colour Scene are all set to delight Navan with their latest performance which is taking place on Tuesday, 14th December 2010. The duo will be performing a highly anticipated acoustic show featuring a collection of Ocean Colour Scene classic hits

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13th Le Cheile Festival

If you are looking for hotel accommodation in Meath during July and August as well as a little entertainment, then you are in luck. The 13th Le Cheile Festival is scheduled to run for five days, starting at the end of July and culminating on the bank holiday on Monday, 1 August.

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Vintage Car Rally

If you are looking for hotel accommodation in Meath during July and August as well as a little entertainment, then you are in luck. The 13th Le Cheile Festival is scheduled to run for five days, starting at the end of July and culminating on the bank holiday on Monday, 1 August.

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The Wedding Planner at New Grange

New Grange may offer the perfect hotel accommodation in Meath for you to plan your big day in, but what other steps do you need to consider after you've selected your gorgeous location?

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Party at New Grange


Hotel accommodation in Meath is made simple with the New Grange Hotel but lavish, spacious rooms and gourmet food aren't the only reasons to stay with us. New Grange takes great pride in the level of entertainment that it provides for its guests.

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Get Ready for Navan Live 2011

Have you already booked your hotel accommodation in Meath for September but don't know what events should fill your itinerary, don't worry - we have you covered. Not only is it the month of the spectacular Ping Solheim Cup golfing event, but also Navan Live 2011.

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Lady Well Fete

If you have booked hotel accommodation in Meath at the Newgrange hotel during August and you are looking for exciting trips for the entire family, then the Lady Well Fete might just interest you.

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Mullagh Fair Day

If your hotel accommodation is booked and you are trying to find a taste of old Ireland, then the Mullagh Fair Day is just for you. This annual fair allows visitors and locals alike to celebrate a traditional fair as it would have been done by their ancestors.

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National Trails Day Girley Bog Walk

Are you on the lookout for things to do in Meath? If you have already booked hotel accommodation in Ireland and want to do things with your family, then Meath is the ideal location.

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Candlelit tour of Oldbridge House

Have you booked hotel accommodation in Ireland during the month of October? If so, you are in for a real treat. An exclusive candlelit tour of Oldbridge House at the Battle of Boyne will take place on the 28th and 30th of October.

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Haunted Spooktacular

When October rolls around, one of the best things to do in Meath is attend a spooky Halloween event, and the Haunted Spooktacular Halloween event at Grove Gardens in Kells is one of them. If you are looking for an event that is full of laughter, smiles and good times - then this is not the place for you.

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Irish Christmas Traditions

If you have booked hotel accommodation in Ireland for Christmas, then you are in for a real treat. This scenic country is filled with friendly locals who will be more than happy to treat you to an unforgettable Irish Christmas.

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Things to do in Meath

There is a huge variety of things to do in Meath this Christmas, and if you are planning a vacation at one of this beautiful county's luxury hotel accommodation options, you'll be spoilt for choice when it comes to activities that will delight and entertain the whole family.

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Master of Illusions at Newgrange

One of the most thrilling things to do in Meath takes place in February 2012, when illusionist Keith Barry will hit the stage and bend the minds of his audience. See him in his sell-out tour of '8 Deadly Sins' on February 19th at Newgrange hotel

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