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National Trails Day Girley Bog Walk

Are you on the lookout for things to do in Meath? If you have already booked hotel accommodation in Ireland and want to do things with your family, then Meath is the ideal location. The stunning scenery, interesting history and excellent variety makes a holiday here suitable for the entire family.

The National Trails Day Girley Bog Walk is just one such option for you to consider. This event takes place on Sunday 2 October 2011, and is hosted by the National Parks and Wildlife Service, Meath Tourism and Coillte, with talks by Maurice Eakin.

Participants will walk 5km out from Kells town centre where they will then enjoy a talk on the ecology of Kills Girley Bog. This focuses on showcasing the unique and beautiful bird, plant and animal life in the area. You can look forward to seeing the colourful bog mosses, the Great Sundew, lichens as well as following Mairtin the pine marten.

The bogs have been important in terms of historical findings in Ireland. In the past, many of the Irish bogs were impassable before the building of bog roads (toghers) in the 20th century. Although bogs have been exploited for fuel, there have also been numerous archaeological discoveries.

Swords, treasure (jewellery), trumpets and even the odd preserved human body has been discovered. Another interesting find includes butter, which was kept cool during summer months by putting it in wooden containers, called methers, and storing it in the bog.

This magnificent walk will allow you to discover more about Ireland's history and nature, making it the perfect family activity. Now that you are aware of some of the things to do in Meath, get packed and prepare for the holiday of a lifetime.