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Ireland Experiences Highest Tourism Turnout in Five Years

With Ireland’s most influential tourism individuals’ recent visit to China and 2013’s the Gathering, tourism figures have increased significantly in the first month of 2013. During the course of 2013, tourists from all over the world are expected to flood the country in astronomical figures which will stimulate the tourism industry. The recent surge in international visitors is due to many initiatives, including the Gathering which will see more than 1700 events being hosted throughout Ireland during the year.

A poll taken by the Oriental Morning Post, a Chinese newspaper, revealed that an overwhelming amount of Chinese travellers regarded Ireland as being the number one destination of choice for 2013. Factors such as a reduction in valued added tax for tourism related services and products, along with Ireland’s new visa waiver, may be contributors to the recent interest in the country.  Other than Chinese markets, American and European tourist numbers in Ireland have risen significantly as well, with a 2% growth being recorded in 2012.

Approximately 80, 000 extra bookings have been made compared to 2012 – a sign that things are looking up for Irish tourism. Furthermore, airline seats from the USA have improved to 20% and are expected to gain even more ground as the year unfolds and initiatives such as the Gathering begin to take shape. These developments have led to more job creation and an increase in revenue, with 2013 being a pivotal year for Ireland and tourism related services. With more tourism initiatives such as the Gathering and cooperation between Ireland and international tourism bodies, tourism in Ireland can only expect success after success.