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Newgrange News - Ocean Scene Duo Announced For Navan

Ocean Colour Scene Duo has been announced for the Newgrange Hotel in Navan! Simon Fowler and Oscar Harrison of Ocean Colour Scene are all set to delight Navan with their latest performance which is taking place on Tuesday, 14th December 2010. The duo will be performing a highly anticipated acoustic show featuring a collection of Ocean Colour Scene classic hits, which means that tickets are expected to go quickly.

The original band was numbered amongst the most successful UK bands of the 90's with their music being a major draw card for many an event, going so far as to have their tracks recorded on movie soundtracks. With twenty years of recording experience their fame is well deserved and they were best known for their energetic style, seen in songs like "The Riverboat Song" and "The Day We Caught the Train".

The performance set to take place in Navan, Meath is set for a single show on December 14th and will see Simon Fowler and percussionist Oscar Harrison, two of the original members of the band, in attendance. The band has not been idle as 2003 saw the release of their album "On the River Boat" followed by another release in 2006 titled "Live at the Jam House". During their famous show at a private function in Preston in 2005 their familiar style had the capacity crowd of spectators on the property singing out so loudly that it was reportedly heard all the way down the road.

Details are as follows:

The Newgrange Hotel, Navan, Meath

Newgrange Special Package 1 - Phone: 1890 43 42 41
Overnight Stay (14th Dec) - Double Room + Breakfast €59.00

Newgrange Special Package 2 - Phone: 1890 43 42 41
Overnight Stay (14th Dec) - Single Room + Breakfast €49.00

Newgrange Special Package 3 - Phone: 046 90 7410
Early Bird Meal (14th Dec) - 5pm - 7pm + Glass Wine €15.00

For the best in Meath accommodation and a memorable performance by the Ocean Colour Scene Duo come and join us at the Navan, Newgrange hotel.