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Ireland to have Approximately 1700 Events Next Year

Yes, you’ve heard right, 1700 events in Ireland are set to take place over the course of 2013, as people converge in the country to celebrate all things Irish. Events like these result from the efforts of an initiative called The Gathering, which involves numerous parties that are setting up cultural events all over the country. To date, approximately 1,700 events have been registered all over the country and are set to take place.

Though Ireland celebrates numerous events throughout the year, the Transport and Tourism Minister, Leo Varadkar, stated in a report that Irish events in 2013 would be on a larger scale, with the addition of newer events taking place as well. Both existing and new events would work in close cooperation with The Gathering, which has seen much support from a great number of stakeholders. This includes the tourism industry, which stands to benefit from the exposure and influx of tourists who will come for various events in Ireland.

Among the series of sports and cultural events set to take place during The Gathering, there are plenty of quirky ideas that seem to have made this initiative that much more interesting. There will be a festival entirely dedicated to left-handed people and another for bearded men, with some aiming to break a couple of world records. All in all these Irish events are intended to enhance and strengthen Irish identity and provide fun in the process.

The Gathering is said to have upped the antes, as there is an expected 325,000 visitors who will be coming just to celebrate these events in Ireland.