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Ireland and China Build a Stronger Tourism Relationship

Irish tourism bodies - including destination management companies (DMCs), hotels, golf operators and hotels - recently made a trip to China to discuss a tourism trade partnership. Tourism in Ireland has recently experienced a spike in tourist arrivals from this Asian country and this has set the grounds for the largest trade mission to ever go to China. Numerous discussion and B2B workshops were held to discuss the future of tourism between the two countries.

Over 200 of the most influential tourism delegates from China were present in face to face discussions. Among numerous issues discussed, Irish tourism bodies aimed to encourage the Chinese delegation to promote tourism in Ireland by incorporating it into their 2013 circuits. Other issues that were discussed were the relinquishing of visa requirements for Chinese tourists, which has since encouraged more Chinese tour operators to include Ireland into their programmes.

Such initiatives are sure to encourage more tourism in Ireland, with 2013 becoming a sort of renaissance for the Irish tourism industry. The year 2013 also promises to be an exciting period for Ireland, as there are numerous events that will be happening all over the country. With such exciting news reverberating within the tourism industry, Newgrange Hotel is excited about what will ensue next year as we prepare to do our part in providing luxurious accommodation to visitors from all over the world.

Though years will bring change, our customer oriented service and upstanding facilities will remain unhinged. We will continue to provide a service that is inspired by a warm Irish culture while contributing to a unique Irish tourism industry.