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International Tourism Partnerships: A Sure Way to Stimulate Growth

Partnerships, at any level, are a necessity to the growth and endurance of the tourism industry on a global and national scale. There are many stakeholders involved in the industry including environmentalists, tourism boards and accommodation establishments. Though they have certain values that differ, these parties all have the common goal of achieving sustainable practices that will guarantee the survivability of the tourism industry.

One way of accomplishing and maintaining sustainable growth is by forming partnerships between stakeholders. In Ireland, two partnerships of particular interest have been formed between Irish tourism stakeholders and international establishments. Different Irish tourism bodies recently met up with a tourism delegation from the Seychelles to discuss ideas on how to improve the travel and tourism industries of both countries.

From these discussions, various strategies and solutions where agreed upon, one of which was the proposal to lend a social media expert currently working with tourism bodies in Ireland to the Seychelles. Such levels of cooperation will help both stakeholders to gain more exposure from both countries and other interested parties, thereby giving future prospects a platform from which to grow.

Another interesting partnership to recently hit the shores of Ireland is the one between the United Arab Emirates’ national airline, Etihad Airways, the Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA) in Dublin and the National Art Gallery of Australia. The objective of this partnership is to showcase a series of Ned Kelly paintings by Sidney Nolan, starting on the 2nd of November 2012, at the IMMA, which is part of an Irish cultural initiative by Etihad Airways.

Much can be said about the power that globalisation has to transform cultural and geographical barriers into accessible borders. These partnerships are the efforts of different parties located in different parts of the world to develop systems on which travel and tourism can flourish and become more accessible to anyone and everyone, creating a more sustainable culture where collaboration is key to the industries’ success.