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How far is the nearest hospital to major hotels in Meath?

Newgrange Hotel offers luxury accommodation ireland and is situated close to most major services, including emergency services. You need not worry about having to travel far to seek medical attention, as there are response units in and around the county and world class facilities designed to provide treatment for numerous types of conditions and injuries. There are several hospitals in the area, including Our Lady’s Hospital, St Josephs and Cottage Hospital.

Our Lady’s Hospital is about a kilometre away (the closest hospital) from the hotel and boasts various facilities. You can access the hospital using Brews Hill, which will get you there in approximately six minutes. Like any other emergency facility in and around the county, it is open 24 hours a day and seven days a week, ensuring that emergencies that occur at any time can be treated immediately.

St Joseph’s Hospital is located in Trim and is approximately 58 km away from Navan, Meath. Using the M3 will get you there the quickest, but the time of arrival is subject to the levels of traffic.

Other Hospitals in Meath include:

  • The Cottage Hospital
  • St Mary’s Hospital
  • St Brigid’s Hospital

Depending on where you are, within the county of Meath, and the type and severity of the condition, you can drive to the closest hospital. If you are unable to drive there, you can contact the following emergency services:

  • Police, Ambulance and Fire – 999/112
  • Confidential Line - 1 800 666 111

When you arrive, be sure to ask any of our staff – how far is the nearest hospital to major hotels in Meath – and we will try our best to get you all the information you need.