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Can baggage be stored at the hotel whilst I travel to another location in Ireland?

If you are travelling to other parts of Ireland whilst staying in any Newgrange Hotel room and would like to temporarily offload some of your luggage, you can leave it with us. We will take care of your baggage while you enjoy the different activities in Ireland. All you need to do is notify us that you would like to leave some of your luggage well in advance, and we will make the arrangements for storage.

When you return from your trip, your luggage will be handed back to you. By contacting us, you can find out more about such services. We understand that sometimes you need to travel light, especially when going on hiking or short business trips, for instance. There are plenty of reasons why you may need to travel with less and we will happily store your luggage when any of them come up.

Whether it is a huge suitcase or just a briefcase, we will store it until you return. Some of our deluxe rooms also offer safes where you can store your valuable possessions. These are but a few services and facilities we offer to make your visit to Ireland that much more pleasant and memorable.

Make a booking today and get ready to enjoy the creature comforts offered by Newgrange Hotel. When you ask the question – can baggage be stored at the hotel whilst I travel to another location in Ireland – contact us to find out more about our incredible value added services.